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Clerk 012 - Ms Nieuw Jakarta


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Here we'll list Our member's Profiles. We'll update this page frequently, so check back often to stay up to date.


Name : Dedy Buce Laluyan
Birthday : September 17, 1981
Education Background: SI Accounting (UNAI)
Hobbies : Browsing, reading, gaming, music, sports
Motto : Think Effective, Work Efficient
Favorite Books : The Present, One minute Management, Who moved my cheese
Favorite Movies : Memento, The Matrix Trilogy
Favorite TV Shows : The Apprentice, Metro TV Market Review
Favorite Foods : Gado-gado, Capcay
Hangout Place : Billiard Place, Warnet, Live Music
Describe Youself : Friendly, Thrifty, fast learner.


Name : Regain Hamonangan Hutahaean
Birthday : April 10, 1979
Education Background: SI Accounting (UNAI)
Hobbies : Basketball, Video games, listen to music, reading
Motto : In God I trust.
Favorite Books : Holy bible
Favorite Movies : Gladiator, Forest Gump, Life Is Beautiful, Armageddon
Favorite TV Shows : The Apprentice, Sports Game
Favorite Foods : Gado-gado, Arsiq+ Daun Singkong Tumbuq
Hangout Place : Plangi, Playan n Plex
Describe Youself : Easy Going

Name : Handry Alexander Rambitan
Birthday : Bandung, September 7, 1972
Education Background: Accounting, Politeknik ITB
Hobbies : Playing soccer, sports
Motto : -
Favorite Books : -
Favorite Movies : War Movies, Comedy
Favorite TV Shows : -
Favorite Foods : Seafood, Satay
Hangout Place : Bandung’s city
Describe Youself : 169cm of height, black hair


Name : Frans Valentino Ivan Landy Siregar
Birthday : October 25, 1981
Education Background: S1 Management (Tarumanegara)
Hobbies : Pop & Rock music all the time
Motto : Don’t play With the fire if you don’t want to get burnt
Favorite Books : Hate book
Favorite Movies : Braveheart, Enemy of the Gates, Passion of the Christ
Favorite TV Shows : Premiership League, Serie A League
Favorite Foods : -
Hangout Place : The comfort room every morning
Describe Youself : Extrovert & little bit fussy


Name : Erwin Yonatan Tampubolon
Birthday : April 19, 1974
Education Background: S1 Information Technology
Hobbies : Playing Chess, Singing, Watching Movies
Motto : Do The best and God Will do The rest.
Favorite Books : Computer’s Book
Favorite Movies : Action Movies
Favorite TV Shows : Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
Favorite Foods : Pizza (meat lover)
Hangout Place : Mall
Describe Yourself :Hard worker, Like to do something new.


Name : Aloysius Prasetyo
Birthday : July 6, 1980
Education Background: S1 Binus
Hobbies : Watching movies, playing computer games
Motto : When the going get tough, the tough get going
Favorite Books : Lord of the ring, Harry Potter
Favorite Movies : Action Movies
Favorite TV Shows : The Apprentice
Favorite Foods :
Hangout : -
Describe Youself : Out going, Friendly

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