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Clerk 012 - Ms Nieuw Jakarta

Photo Gallery

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This is our photo gallery. To help us remember the time at MS Nieuw Jakarta. Through this gallery we also show our feelings for our teachers/lecturers. May it can be useful for all visitors.

This area will be used for information about specific members. We may list each member's photo. This is a great way to keep up to date on how fellow members were doing. We could also have links to members personal web sites.


Dedy Bruce Laluyan (Captain)


"Koh" Aloysius Prasetyo


"Rabbi" Regain Hutahaean


Handry "Tangan Kering"


Erwin "Bapanya Anak-anak"


Frans "Mr. Bean" PLantino


CE With Mr.Adry is exciting, he will hardly keep you awake eventhough you were very sleepy. EO brothers are Clerks now. See you soon when we are pursers.


ESP is challenging class with Mr. Anzalna. This man rarely laugh even after he's telling a joke. "Tadi pagi saya makanan bubur, buburnya keenakan", that how american speaks bahasa, he said.


Policy Class seems enjoyable with Ms. Bintang as lecturer. Everybody's smile or else face the mirror on the corner.


Mr. Hartoyo is a unique person. CE class wasn't boring if he's tha lecturer. I learned a lot about liquer and wine. See you soon teachers



HAL has its own training facility in Indonesia, called MS Nieuw Jakarta (which began in 1981 as the SS Jakarta), where all dining stewards, restaurant staff, cabin stewards and room service attendants go to learn the ropes. "It's skills-based training," Byers said, adding that trainees live at the school during the 10-12 week program. The program in Jakarta allows potential crewmembers to get a feel for exactly what the job entails. It's not just typical classroom training, either: mock cabins are set up for trainees, who also must pass stringent written and conversational English tests. "Since our crew are the prime contacts with our guests, we can't emphasize the importance of English skills enough," Byers said. HAL also offers culinary training in Manila and a comprehensive beverage-service training program that all restaurant staff complete before going to sea.


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