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Clerk 012 - Ms Nieuw Jakarta
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Welcome to Clerk Personal Web Site of Clerk 012 - MS Nieuw Jakarta  By.Delay 2005

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From October 21, 2005.

We are the Class of Clerk 012, we proudly present our personal website to give informations to all the passangers, all visitors, and all of our classmates and colleagues. The class of clerk 012 itself started from September 19, 2005 until October 21, 2005. May from this website, we can feel that we always close one to another. Thank you Delay for facilitating this website.


Holland America Line leads the cruise industry premium niche by offering virtually unlimited cruise and CruiseTour options that span the globe and satisfy every traveler's appetite for exploration. Over the course of the company's rich history as first a shipping and passenger line and subsequently a cruise line, Holland America Line's fleet has carried nearly 10 million passengers, either to new lives in the New World or to exotic locales for vacations of a lifetime. Holland America Line marked its 130th anniversary in 2003.

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HAL has its own training facility in Indonesia, called MS Nieuw Jakarta (which began in 1981 as the SS Jakarta), where all dining stewards, restaurant staff, cabin stewards and room service attendants go to learn the ropes. "It's skills-based training," Byers said, adding that trainees live at the school during the 10-12 week program. The program in Jakarta allows potential crewmembers to get a feel for exactly what the job entails. It's not just typical classroom training, either: mock cabins are set up for trainees, who also must pass stringent written and conversational English tests. "Since our crew are the prime contacts with our guests, we can't emphasize the importance of English skills enough," Byers said. HAL also offers culinary training in Manila and a comprehensive beverage-service training program that all restaurant staff complete before going to sea.

The Jakarta program - besides providing invaluable hands-on experience - is a good way for a potential crewmember to gauge their ultimate interest in a career at sea. "There are people who enter the training program who find out that this might not be what they thought it would be," Byers said.

Clerk 012

Holland America Line

MS Nieuw Jakarta

Indeed, it's better to find out that the career's not a good fit while on dry land. HAL also has a "buddy system" on its ships to help out new crew on board. "We find that the buddy system helps with orientation, especially if someone hasn't been to sea before," Byers said. Crewmembers can also address specific needs to their supervisors, who will follow up with the crew until an issue is resolved. Byers said there's also a Filipino and Indonesian representative on board each ship - elected by the crew to represent each nationality with HAL - that work with management in order to resolve whatever issue that may come up. HAL also has an institutionalized "compassionate leave" program, whereby crewmembers can leave a ship in the case of a family emergency and return when the issue has been resolved. "We grant them a leave period and try to get them back on the ship as soon as possible," Byers said. "It's not unlike policies that most U.S. companies have." Crewmembers also enjoy complete medical coverage while on board; national medical plans cover the crewmembers when they are shoreside. HAL, Byers said, also provides a life insurance program. As for advice Byers would lend to someone considering a career at sea? The most important thing, he noted, is to have a clear plan. "You should be able to think through and ask yourself, ‘Am I going to set goals for myself, and are these goals consistent with what HAL has to offer?' We provide promotional opportunities for people who are going to lend themselves to training and work on excellent job performance."


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